Hackathon Kraków

Data publikacji:  15.11.2022

We’re back in Kraków on 19-20 November 2022. It’s the eighth edition of the hackathon. This year we have two big and super important open tasks – LESS WASTE and IoT! The pull prize is at 730 000 PLN and is still growing like crazy.

What’s the deal?

Organizers and Partners present you with a wide range of different tasks that you can work on during the hackathon. You choose the most interesting challenge for you and try to solve it in a way that brings the most effective solution to the community. You can participate as a lone wolf or create a team you will be working with over the 24 hours of the hackathon.

Who can join?

EVERYONE! If you are just a little creative, and you want to make the world a better place, come and see how simple it is. During our event, you will have a chance to create innovative solutions for tasks from many various fields. We have space for over 3000 people, so take your friends and get ready for an awesome weekend!

Docelowi odbiorcy: Umiejętności cyfrowe dla profesjonalistów
Dziedziny: Programy i kwalifikacje ogólne, bliżej niezdefiniowane
Poziom umiejętności cyfrowych: Zaawansowany
Technologia cyfrowa: internet rzeczy, oprogramowanie, opracowywanie aplikacji mobilnych
Typ inicjatywy: Międzynarodowa
Zasięg geograficzny: Non-EUUnia Europejska
Głos w dółGłos w górę (Brak głosów)

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